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Kids BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a popular and effective martial art that teaches children self-defense, discipline, respect, and physical fitness.


Perfect for BJJ, grappling or wrestling. This compression shirt optimizes recovery. It also provides a protective role by limiting friction to the skin, something that often goes hand in hand with combat sports.

The silicone band located at the waist prevents the Rashguard from rising throughout training.

Specifically adapted to the constraints of combat sports, rashguards remain multidisciplinary training outfits that will delight any athlete looking for performance!


  • Ideal for BJJ No Gi, grappling, or wrestling.
  • Material: 87% Polyester – 13% Elastane
  • Stretchy and very durable fabric.
  • Silicone support band located at the waist.
  • Reinforced and ergonomic seams.
  • Machine wash at 30 ° C, do not wash, do not tumble dry.

Note: All measurements are in cm .

Here are some key aspects to consider when it comes to Kids BJJ:

  1. Age Groups: Kids BJJ programs are often divided into different age groups to ensure that the training is appropriate for the child’s developmental stage. Younger children might focus on basic movements, coordination, and learning through play, while older kids can delve into more advanced techniques.
  2. Emphasis on Fun: Kids learn best when they are having fun. Many Kids BJJ classes incorporate games, drills, and interactive activities to keep the children engaged and excited about learning.
  3. Basic Techniques and Fundamentals: Kids BJJ classes typically emphasize fundamental techniques such as basic positions, escapes, and submissions. The focus is on building a strong foundation that can be expanded upon as they progress in their training.
  4. Life Skills: BJJ promotes important life skills such as discipline, respect, teamwork, and perseverance. Children learn to set goals, work towards them, and overcome challenges both on and off the mats.
  5. Safety: Safety is a top priority in Kids BJJ. Instructors are trained to create a safe environment, and techniques are taught in a way that minimizes the risk of injury. This includes learning how to fall safely, control movements, and apply submissions gradually.
  6. Character Development: BJJ is not just about physical techniques; it also emphasizes character development. Children learn the value of respect, sportsmanship, and how to handle both success and failure with grace.
  7. Graduation System: Many Kids BJJ programs have a belt system, similar to the adult program, with belts of different colors representing the child’s progress. Graduations and belt ceremonies can be exciting milestones for children.
  8. Parental Involvement: Some schools encourage parental involvement, allowing parents to observe classes, participate in family classes, or even train alongside their children. This can strengthen the bond between parent and child and create a supportive community within the academy.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in BJJ, it’s essential to visit local schools, talk to instructors, and observe classes to find an environment that aligns with your child’s needs and your expectations. Additionally, make sure the school has a focus on safety, qualified instructors, and a positive atmosphere for kids to learn and grow.

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