Orapa Senatham
Thailand National Team

Orapa won many tournament's on international level representing her country Thailand officially, below is the list of her accomplishments. World games 2022 : 🥈 🟫 World Championships 2022 : 🥉 🟫 Asian Games 2022 : 🥉 🟫 Asia Championship 2023 : 🥇 🟫 Asia Championship 2022 : 🥇 🟫

Steve Su
Tiger Muaythai Singapore

Singaporean purple belt fighter who trains at Tiger Muaythai Singapore and social media content creator.

Sharmaine Koh
Carpe Diem Singapore

Singapore active fighter in both Muaythai and BJJ and trains at Carpe Diem Singapore.

Juliane Silva
Evolve MMA Singapore

Brazilian purple belt fighter who trains at evolve MMA Singapore.

Dennis Goh
Neue Fit

Brazilian blue belt fighter who trains at neue fit Singapore .

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