The founders of Untouchable sport brand are not new to the texture and fashion industry, since 1940 they used to produce all type of oriental dresses until late 2000. Since the 20th century started and the world of fashions has changed and many of the authentic dresses are not desired by the new generation anymore which forced the owner to close that production line and start looking for new fashion line.

What else?

Untouchable brand founders are not only expert in texture and fabrics, but they are also practitioners of BJJ heavily, which gives them the edge of testing. They do not only know all different types of stitching, fabrics, and embroidery ... etc but they also know BJJ competition rules and fighting style. Combining both industry and sport knowledge gives them the edge to develop best products with highest specification following IBJJF standards.

How can we help you?

We can't make you a hero, but we certainly can give you have all tools required to win, from light to durable equipment's, we got your back.